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woohooligan May 22, 2012
woohooligan NEW! Check out our best laughs from 2016!
Sorry this comic is a bit late (and still kinda rushed). Things have been pretty hectic lately, we had to shop for a car and we're shopping for a house now and I had Dallas Comic Con over the weekend. The good news is we now have a car large enough for the whole family! :D And I met some cool local artists at DCC and talked again with David Wilborn who publishes Urban Jungle. He's a great guy and I've had a Project Wonderful ad at the top of his comic for a while now that's been working out really well! So check him out too!

(Warning: Urban Jungle is safe for work!) ;P

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Jsoma May 22, 2012
Jsoma Man, I've always wanted to go to a Comic Con. What sucks is that every time there is one here, it's in some hotel in a part of town I don't care to head through.
woohooligan May 22, 2012
woohooligan You're afraid of going through parts of Minnesota?! What? Are the knitting circles packing? ;P

The comic con was fun tho.
Col Klink Apr 28, 2013
Do not piss off the knitters - Knit two, purl two is code for kill everyone in sight.
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