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woohooligan Apr 22, 2010
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I'm a big fan of public radio. It's basically the only station I listen to with any regularity, even when they're airing subjects I'm not particularly interested in. So I was listening the other day to one of those segments I didn't particularly care about, not paying much attention. I caught that it was about sports, specifically football and marketing for the NFL (a segue from the recent anti-trust case before the supreme court). Some guy was talking about how every year he thinks there's no way the NFL could possibly make their marketing any more invasive in our lives and yet every year they manage to do just that... and then came the bomb... at the end of the show he says, "yes, condom manufacturers have approached the NFL about licensing".

I'm pretty certain that, for most women, there's no more surefire way to kill the mood than by stamping your favorite team's logo on your pecker.


Much less the variety of semantics such a thing would give rise to... Waxing the Miami Dolphins... Saluting the Patriots? NY Giants fan eh? Compensating for something?

But it did lead me to think the super-obsessed dork who would buy that kind of thing must be fairly comical. :D


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