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shandr Sep 17, 2010
shandr He might as well be comfy aye, can't exactly run in that heavy armour anyway.

Bonus points for your homage to Castle Greyskull.
TheSmilingPsycho lol, haha, it took me a second to even notice the bunny slippers.
woohooligan Apr 27, 2012
woohooligan Hey thanks, Chris! Yeah this is an older one... I keep thinking about redoing this one and combining it with the Vanishing Point comic. ;P
TheSmilingPsycho The fact that it took me a second to notice them was a good thing, though.
woohooligan Apr 27, 2012
woohooligan Cool. :)
Hinoron Feb 21, 2013
Dialogue - Hero: "Uhh... did i wake you up? I can come back in another 15 minutes if you like."

Dark Knight: "What are you talking abo-- Aw shit! Did I run out the door wearing my inside shoes AGAIN?"
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